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Imagine having the pleasure of securing all your Company's travel arrangements without any stress, hassles or inconveniences.

I am PRELENE ABRAHAMS a Business Travel Counsellor based in Thornton, Cape Town. I have worked in the Travel Industry for 12 years and I have experience in the Airline, Corporate and Leisure travel sectors. I hold extensive travel qualifications and I will be able to service your company's travel requirements at a time convenient to you. I am also BEE accredited.

I have always wanted to run my own travel business and to be in a position where I could give my clients the service that they deserved. I felt very frustrated in my previous position and I needed more freedom and flexibility in my life. Now owning my own travel business and joining Travel Counsellors - this is a dream come true as I can now give you the service that you deserve. Each time you call, you will speak to me directly, thus ensuring complete continuity of your account management and efficient service from a true travel professional time after time.

The back up support from Travel Counsellors Head Office is phenomenal and this leaves me to focus 100% of my time on my clients needs which is what I am passionate about. I have over 1200 colleagues across the world, which is a great help to me, especially if you need specific information e.g. you need a recommendation for a hotel, or restaurants etc. My colleagues from around the world can pass that information onto me.

Travel Counsellors prides itself in our award winning technology adapted to the South African market including Phenix, which is a ground breaking dynamic packaging system, which allows me to quickly and easily search and compare different travel options for specific dates in a matter of minutes which I can book immediately. Due to the global buying power of Travel Counsellors I have access to very competitive local and international deals.

I look forward to hearing from you soon and to be of service to you.

Your partner in travel.




Whatever your business needs I'm here to help you, so please get in touch with me and I can get things started:-

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021 531 3993


Please send me your travel requirements and I will do my best to help you.

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